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I’m joining TheWangConnection!

10 Dic 2013 19:12
María Schlegel and her coach, Arturo Ortiz

María Schlegel and her coach, Arturo Ortiz

Dear readers, I´d like to present myself in an informal way to become part of this great conecction between sportsmen and sportwoman, trainers, sport and all the rest who are, directly or not related to sport.

My name is Maria Priscilla and my surnames are Schlegel Mosegui. Yes, they aren’t very typical. You might ask why? Well I´ll tell you a bit of my family story and that way we can get to know ourselves a little more.

I´m daughter of Mike Schlegel, Alfonso Menéndez and Carmen Mosegui.  How can that be right? My biological father´s name was Mikel Schlegel, an American basketball player who played in the Spanish league. If there is any basketball fans his name might say something to you, if any of you so know him I would love to know about it. My mother, Carmen Mosegui, from Uruguay was a 400 meter runner and held the national record for many years. Lastly, Alfonso Menéndez, who is Spanish, and with who I have lived with ever since I can remember of, my father. He was an archery olympic champion in Barcelona ´92. As you can see, sport runs through the family.

Now you know my unusual family story, I can tell you I feel a citizen of the world. I couldn´t say I feel from one place. I feel partly Asturian, Spanish, American and from Uruguay.

How you can see, my life has always been very close to sports. I started in my school, with an activity called “multisport”, when I was about 8 years old (this is an idea I really like, because I think kids should practice this type of activity till about 10-12 years old). At the age of 10 I started with athletics and 2 years later I started with volleyball aswell. I carried on with both activities until I was 18 years old when I moved to Madrid, where I´m living right now, in the student´s Hostel Joaquin Blume. I´ve competed with the national teams in both sports at different ages.

Nowadays I am a High Jumper. I´ve been going with the Ahletics National team for many years, with the great trainer Arturo Ortiz. The last three years I´ve been training in the CAR of Madrid. My trainer still having the national records in High Jump and has been to three Olympic Games. I feel really lucky to train by his side day after day, also he and my teammates makes the training sessions leisurely.
My best jumps have been in European and World championships, as well as in the junior Olympics celebrated in Singapur. This year my goal is to participate in the under23 Mediterranean Games and also to participate in the International Championship.

High Jump is my hobby, my passion and my job.

Normally when I say I’m a high jumper people are like “Oh! So you jump with the pole?” No, I don´t Pole Jump. So then they are like “And how do you train that? Only jumping? All the time?” And the answer is no, of course not. High Jump is very technical, and of course jumping is very useful, but also strength, speed and power training are completely necessary. I will go telling you more about it (if you want) in the next post by  “the day of a High Jumper”.

Oh! I almost forgot, I study Sports Science in the University of Madrid. I´ve always loved teaching, since I was a kid. Also, in my three years studying Sports Science I´ve discovered that what I most like is functional recuperation.

Thank you for dedicating some time to read about me. I´ll be writing soon!

A big hug to all of you!

María Schlegel

ATLETISMO: 22 medallas en Nacionales, Mundialista JR, Europeo JR, JJOO (YOG) Singapur. Club: @atletiko_ss_atl VOLEY: Miembro SELEC.ABS 2014/2015. Club: @cvharo

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